Praise for The Carnage Account

"Talk about timely and provocative, this tale of Wall Street greed comes with an ingenious twist. Not only entertaining, the story raises timely questions about human nature and the pitch black side of life—questions we generally just ignore. Definitely a tale to check out."

- Steve Berry, International bestselling author

Praise for Odd Jobs

"Odd Jobs is a tightly-wound, well written mystery that I read in one sitting." - James Patterson #1 New York Times bestselling author


"A pure hit of uncut suspense. Ben Lieberman is one to watch." - Harlan Coben #1 New York Times bestselling author 

Odd Jobs book cover

The Carnage Account

Hedge fund manager Rory Cage has almost everything: piles of cash, his own NBA team, and a thrilling new profit center that turns murder into money. He’s investing heavily in so-called “death bonds,” which allow investors to purchase cut-rate life insurance policies from the living, collecting the full amount when they die. Rory, a true entrepreneur, takes matters—and lives—into his own hands, ensuring a faster payout and sending him down a rabbit hole of sociopathic amusements. But even murderous madmen want love, and Rory has his heart set on impressive public-relations expert Dawn Knight. There’s just one problem: Clay Harbor, a Navy SEAL turned doctor who has been carrying a torch for Dawn, is back in town. Clay has chosen to put his energies toward saving lives for the moment, but deep down, he is as skilled and ruthless a killer as Rory.

Odd Jobs book cover

Odd Jobs

College student Kevin Davenport is working any and every odd job to make it through school. He discovers who killed his father while working at the corrupt, mob-controlled, Kosher World Meat factory. Now he will stop at nothing to prevent the killers from ruining other families and to get his revenge. Going to the police and conventional methods have not only been ineffective for others, but has proven to be virtual suicide for them. So all bets are off and Davenport uses the grittiest and strangest tools to bring down the killers. The characters, misadventures and odd jobs will have the readers laughing, but the hazard is real and Davenport is in over his head.

The Carnage Account in 15 Seconds

Stranger Than Fiction

E-Street Radio Interview

Mad Dog Radio Interview

Ben Lieberman was a guest on the Nation broadcast of Mad Dog Radio (Sirius Radio Channel 123) at 1:20 PM.

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